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The moon has a powerful effect on our emotions. This newsletter focuses on the daily changes of the moon (as well as the energy of each day of the week and numerology) and gives you an emotional forecast that can help you be ready for the day.

Are you not flowing naturally with the emotional energy one day? Do the included exercise for that day. It may be a quick breathing exercise, a meditation, or a focus for the day. It may even be an actual stretch or yoga pose! But regardless of what it is, it’ll be a quick way to help you align yourself with the energy of the day (or, if the energy is challenging, it’ll support you in balancing yourself out).

You’ll get one email each Sunday evening with the week’s emotional energy updates.

You’ll also get a sporadic edition of the newsletter called “3 Favs & a Q” - it’ll have 3 of my favorite things and an answer to a question. (Questions are typically of a spiritual nature.) Please feel free to submit your questions by leaving a comment here or through the newsletter!

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About Karen

Karen has a degree in Neuroscience. (Yes, I studied brain science. Yes, I have seen brains. Yes, I did brain experiments on rats and people.) She got her B.S. from a Christian college. She also has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has studied Classical Chinese Medicine with a Daoist Master. She has hosted six babies in her belly (the majority of which decided to return to Heaven before, or directly after, birth). This deeply colored her current spiritual and emotional landscape. She is a mom and a wife and knows that the "optimal morning routine", while science-backed and “amazing”, is not practical for the normal mom. She has come up with ways to integrate "optimal" into the daily chaos of life, simply and naturally. I developed this newsletter as a way to help me connect with the emotional energy of each day so I could function better as a mother and a person.


Karen is licensed to practice acupuncture in California but is not entering into a patient-medical provider relationship with you. This is not an acupuncture practice and nothing on this website or in this community is meant to be taken as personal health recommendations. This newsletter (and any communication we have) is for education and fun - not medical care - even if I am speaking to you one-on-one. If you require medical care, or legal or financial advice, please see the appropriate professional. See the Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions for more info. 

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Neuroscience, Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Shamanism, Christianity, Motherhood, Loss, and the Energy of the Universe help me make the invisible visible.